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1) Micro Planning

SWOT Analysis of the area of operation

2) procurement

appropriate fleet and Manpower

3) Execution

Monitoring and Feedback

Focus Areas of Operations

  • Environmentally safe and sound handling of waste
  • Peoples participation in Urban Waste Management and Sustainability
  • Micro planning for optimal utilization of municipal resources
  • Door-to-Door Garbage Collection and Segregation from source
  • Mechanized, Eco – Friendly and Efficient Transportation of garbage from Community Transfer Station to final dumpsite
  • Carbon Reduction
  • Socio- economic upliftment of waste workers

Health Check up and Capacity Building

The Company is sensitive to the health hazards that the waste workers are exposed to because of their involvement in the waste management. In that regards, the Company at periodic intervals conducts health check up campaigns and capacity building session for the waste workers so as to ensure that there is minimal adverse impact on their health.

Our Strengths

Centre for Development Communication, JV partner was awarded with the UN Habitat Scroll of Honour in 2004 for its best practices in waste management in India. It is the highest honour in the sector till date.

Deployment of especially designed large number of fleet after thorough micro planning.

Swachchhata Doot: Empowerment and dignified existence to the unprivileged section of the society, who have been downtrodden due to their ancestral involvement in the manual techniques of waste management.

Health and Safety Measure Camps for the waste workers

Social Security Benefits to the waste workers like Provident Fund and Employee State Insurance.

Introduced information technology in the solid waste management services by installing Global Positioning Systems in the fleet.

Focus on feedback and speedy redressal of the grievances by way of setting up Call Centres and through social media.

Increased livelihood opportunities – Unprivileged and under privileges sections of society and specially abled.