•   Cleaning at Futala Lake  
      on Ganesh Visarjan   

      Maintain cleanliness in the godliness.

  •   Cleaning at Deekshabhoomi   

      Be clean! Be healthy!

  •   "Majhe Shahar, Swacha Shahar"   

      (My City, Clean City)

Kanak Resources Management Limited (KRML)

It is a public limited company incorporated in November 2007 as a joint venture between IL & FS Environmental Infrastructure and Services Limited (formerly known as IL & FS Waste Management & Urban Services Limited) and Centre for Development Communication (a registered Trust) with an objective of handling collection and transportation of municipal solid waste.

It is the first and only business arrangement of its kind, where a corporate entity and Trust joined hands to align the business interest of the corporate with that of the development initiatives of the Trust.

Our Vision


To provide cent percent efficient, grievance free waste management services with prime focus on the dignified and empowered co-existence of waste workers

Our Mission


To provide efficient and effective services in collection, transportation, processing, composting, recycling, treatment and disposal of all types of waste including municipal solid waste, electronic waste , construction and demolition waste, bio-medical waste, hazardous waste, waste water etc. using appropriate technology.

Latest Article


Zero Waste Solution –
Bin Free Cities

The basic concept of Bin free project is to make city free/ reduce the bins to minimum number and this can only be done by daily primary door to door collection of MSW. The secondary collection & transfer to the dump sites either by intermediate transfer station or directly by closed body fabricated hydraulic.....

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Swatchta Doot

Appointed volunteers were the vital links and key contributors for making Nagpur a ‘Green and Clean’ city. These volunteers who were earlier known as ‘Rag Pickers’ would collect and sort the recyclable dry waste like paper, plastics, metal, rags, etc for their daily living.....

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Latest News & Events

On 18 September

Ganeshotsav Nirmalya Rath

Ganeshotsav Nirmalya Rath service was organized by KRML at various immersion points for Ganesh idols at Nagpur City. Mayor of Nagpur city....

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On 18 September

Salasar Sustainable City

A project aiming at ensuring the self sustainability of the desert village of Salasar Balaji whether it is social, environmental....

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on 2nd October

My City, Clean City

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has begun Swachta Abhiyan called “Majhe Shahar, Swacha Shahar" (My City, Clean City) on....

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